Joaquin Fanego | Family house – Sitges
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Family house – Sitges

Location: Sitges, Barcelona
Architect: Joaquín Fanego, Jordi Sabater
Collaborators: Marc Gamiz Ribelles, Marta Nores
Quality surveyor: Félix Lora
Structural calculation: Ignasi Ribas
Client: Private
Constructed Area: 370 m2
Plot area: 620 m2
Budget: 580.800,-€
Project manager: Joaquín Fanego
Current status: Completed

There was a previous structure before our intervention consisting of slabs, pillars and walls. The program allows great flexibility because the clients were a couple without children, so we could divide the house into large living rooms, study rooms, terraces and porches. We have opted for regular cubes with color treatments to enhance contrast between the volumes.