Joaquin Fanego | Residential and office building – Badalona
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Residential and office building – Badalona

Location: Av. República Argentina, Badalona, Barcelona
Architect: Joaquín Fanego, Jordi Sabater
Collaborators: Marc Gamiz Ribelles
Quality surveyor: Joan Famadas
Structural calculation: Ignasi Ribas
Client: Edificis Omega, SL
Constructed Area: 1.350 m2
Plot area: 2.484 m2
Budget: 1.640.000,-€
Project manager: Joaquín Fanego
Current status: Completed

The facade is composed of three parallel walls that provide depth. First there is the main white brick wall which functions as a background. In the foreground there are concrete balustrades of the balconies. Finally the red plane is located between them like a canvas.

The distribution of the flats corresponds to the type of day and night areas, with some flexibility to incorporate one of the bedrooms into the living room in order to extend it, depending on the needs of the inhabitant.