Joaquin Fanego | Four houses in series – Sant Cugat
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Four houses in series – Sant Cugat

Location: Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona
Architect: Joaquín Fanego
Collaborators: Inma Fernández Puig, Pilar Sinesio
Quality surveyor: Felix Lora
Structural calculation: Ignasi Ribas
Client: Singular 33, S.L.
Constructed Area: 1.488 m2
Plot area: 2.484 m2
Budget: 1.785.800,-€
Project manager: Joaquín Fanego
Current status: Completed

The plot has a steep slope with an access from the highest part, allowing nice views to a large green area. The structure arises with large mass concrete walls in the direction of the slope, which are in contrast with the large glass surfaces that cross them, overlooking the landscape.